Edelbrock VRS-4150 Carburetor 650 CFM or 750 CFM Now Available

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Street friendly but race ready.

Edelbrock VRS-4150 Race & Performance Carburetor #1306 650 CFM. Select part# 1306
Edelbrock VRS-4150 Race & Performance Carburetor #1307 750 CFM. Select parts #1307

The 3.75“-tall cast aluminum main body fits all 4150 and 4500 carb flange manifolds without requiring an adapter plate. A street throttle arm, Moly-coated throttle shafts and built-in provisions for a standard GM three-wire TPS mount add features to this carburetor that are ideal for any user. Multiple vacuum hook-ups keep this carburetor usable on the street but still ready for the track with larger capacity fuel bowls and four circuit billet metering blocks with screw-in emulsion bleeds. All of these features make for easy tuning and great versatility in many applications. The 20% larger capacity fuel bowls feature internal ribs to control fuel slosh, and a sculpted baffle directs incoming fuel to the sides to minimize bubbles. The floats have corner cuts to avoid shutting off the fuel flow during hard cornering, and jet extender notches and jet extenders in the rear to keep the jets covered in fuel under hard acceleration. VRS carburetors allow users to externally adjust idle bypass air and the adjustment screws are accessible without removing the air cleaner/scoop. The advanced idle circuit features interchangeable idle discharge jets in all four corners to allow for a smooth, clean idle with the use of big, low-vacuum camshafts. Normally found only in high end racing carbs, the VRS includes fully adjustable intermediate fuel circuits, which help to provide incredible throttle response. Finally, for greater control at high RPM, the high speed/main fuel circuit is split into two bleed circuits – one each for the lower and upper sections. As an additional feature, the power valves are located on both primaries and secondaries to support optimized jetting. The power valve will add fuel as necessary while the power valve protection circuit prevents diaphragm damage from backfires.

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