This section contains information related to the fuel system.  Some of the topics include:

  • Carb selection criteria
  • gas tank information
  • fuel line information

Stainless Steel vs. Mild Steel (OEM style)

We offer lines in both stainless steel tube and mild steel.  Original lines were mild steel.  All our lines are contoured as original and contain the protective armor as original.  Long lines will be shipped in a “C” shape, which is easy to unbend – simply put the line on the floor and roll it out straight.


Mild steel is easy to bend, easy to flair, and is durable and recommended for daily use Mild steel will eventually rust in a harsh environment.  Mild steel cost less than stainless.

Stainless steel is hard to flair, cracks easier than mild steel, and doesn’t want to be persuaded into shape if it’s not 100% spot on.  It will retain its appearance longer than mild steel.


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