We offer a wide variety of Suspension and Chassis components for your vehicle from OEM and high quality service replacement pieces, to aftermarket performance oriented suspension components.

Stock Replacement Springs & Performance Springs

We carry 2 forms of “stock” springs.  Stock and modified stock.  Stock springs will put your car back to the factory designed ride height.  Modified stock springs are springs that will retain the original characteristic of the spring, but allow you to deviate from the factory ride height.

These springs are custom manufactured and require customer input to order them.

We also offer direct replacement stock springs for some cars with a pre-assigned part # to service a specific application.

Performance springs – For customers who wish to alter the handling of their car, we carry performance oriented springs.  These tend to LOWER the car and will be stiffer than original.

Rubber vs. Urethane vs. Del–A-Lum bushing material

Stock bushings were rubber, with a steel sleeve.  Stock bushings are generally adequate for daily driven vehicles.

Urethane is a harder bushing material which will tighten up your suspension.  Urethane bushings don’t always come with a steel sleeve.  If they don’t come with a sleeve, you’ll need to reuse your old sleeve.  Urethane bushings tend to squeek unless you grease them (regularly).

Del-A-Lum bushings are a high-performance bushing.  They are expensive but are generally worth the added expense.


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