If you want to convert from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission we offer several kits to make the conversion smooth and economical.  The part #’s you need will depend upon the vehicle in question. Our online catalogs have a good depiction of the parts making up the various systems.

You’ll need the following basic items:

Clutch pedal assembly
Clutch linkage assembly
Transmission (bellhousing, clutch, shifter, fork)

We have kits that can also be used to complete or refurbish a worn out setup.  Many parts are also available separately.

Z-bar service kit individual components:
9851N stud seat (2 req)
9876N   stud spring
9873N stud seal
489N star washer
297N  lock nut

Also required are engine & frame ball studs.

To complete or refurbish a clutch pedal assembly:

Pedal pads (both brake & clutch)
clutch pedal bumper
Clutch pedal bushing


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