The column steering shaft in a power steering mopar is different (shorter) than the shaft in a non-power steering car.

Steering Gear – changes in 1973.  This affects the pitman arm.  Prior to 1973 the output shaft diameter was 1 inch (doesn’t apply to the C-Body).  In 1973 it increases to 1.12 inches.  If you buy a steering gear from a post-73 year car and try to install it on a 1972 or earlier car – the pitman arm will be too small.

Typically, 3 different pumps were used on mopars… they require different lines & brackets to secure the pump to the engine.

Identification of the pumps:

  • Federal – pressure hose comes out the front of pump, and tapped hole in the end of the pump shaft.
  • Saginaw – pressure hose comes out the back of the pump.
  • TRW/Thompson – has a hex-shaped hole or no hole in the end of the pump shaft. pressure hose is in same location as Federal pump.

Both Federal and TRW pumps can use a cap that appears similar to a radiator cap.

To do a conversion, you’ll need the following

  • Steering column shaft (or column)
  • Power Steering gear.
  • pump/ w reservoir  (part # PS256,  federal,  PS239, saginaw)
  • pump brackets, vary depending on application – see below
  • hoses
  • pulleys

Brackets, pulleys, etc… all depend on the specific application.  See below, or our catalog for the appropriate part numbers.

Power Steering pump bracket part #’s and TYPICAL USAGE:

PS23 – Big Block Saginaw Power Steering Pump Brackets For use on 1969 and later Big Block engines without Air Conditioning.

PS22 – Big Block & Hemi TRW Power Steering Pump Brackets.  For use on most pre-1969 Big Block engines without Air Conditioning.  1966 426 hemi applications.

PS004 – Small Block Saginaw Power Steering Pump Brackets. For use on 1970 and later Small Block engines with or without A/C.

PS25 – Big Block & Hemi Federal Power Steering Pump Bracket. For 1967-72 Big Block & Hemi engines with or without A/C.

PS26 – Small Block Federal Power Steering Pump Brackets. For 1970-72 Small Block engines with aluminum water pump with or without A/C.

PS27 – Small Block TRW/Thompson Power Steering Pump Brackets. For 1964-69 Small Block LA engines with cast iron water pump housings and TRW or Thompson pumps.  Can be used on both A/C and non-A/C applications.


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