Door lock sets have shafts on the end of them which retain the door lock pawl.  Cars used various length shafts, so to be sure you’re getting the correct length compare your old lock cylinder.  We list lock part #’s by year application (which will generally be correct), whereas we should list them by size.

  • LDF73 – 7/32″ lock shaft
  • HP110 – 3/4″ lock shaft
  • XR84 – 3/8″ lock shaft

USE CAUTION WHEN BUYING “lock sets”, since the shaft length on the included door lock may not match what your car requires.

This primarily pertains to the Camaro where the locks work this way:

Ignition Lock

  • 1969 – 1978 – HP796
  • 1979 – 1982 – LC79

Doors – Vary as described above.

Trunk lock

  • 1970 – 73 – LT114
  • 1974 – 77 – HP23
  • 1978 – 81 – LT116

Note: The trunk locks don’t come with the shaft.  Door locks don’t come with the pawls, and the ignition lock doesn’t come with the “switch” – it’s only the key(s) and lock cylinder.


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