The Engine FAQ contains issues related to engine swaps, brackets, etc…

Decoding information is contained in the Vehicle Information & Decoding section of the site.

Engine Swaps – GM

Engine swaps are a common question we get asked about. It’s not difficult to put a Chevy engine in a Buick or put a Pontiac Engine into an Oldsmobile.  The easiest way to go about this swap is to consider the vehicle is the same make as the engine.  For example, if you’re putting a Chevy engine in a Buick Skylark – consider the car a Chevelle.

Body Types:

  • A= Chevelle, Cutlass, Skylark, Tempest/Lemans
  • F= Camaro, Firebird
  • X=Nova, Ventura, Apollo, Omega

Issues:  cooling system, fuel system, electrical system.

Engine swaps – Mopar

Mopar uses a  K-frame to support the various engines installed in vehicles.  We offer conversion kits to allow different engines to be installed in existing K-frames.  For example, a slant-6 k-frame would need a conversion kit to allow a 440 engine to be installed into the car.

In 1973 mopar changes to a spool type mount on the A & B-body.

LS1 conversions

What is the difference between a Year One Crate Engines & a similar Hi-Tech Vision Engine?

With the exception of non-branded valve covers – the two engines will be identical.  The Year One branded crate engine will cost less.


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