Improper engine fitment can cause hood clearance issues, headers or exhaust that hit the steering shaft or gear, oil pans that bottom out on the frame support or hit the steering linkage, etc… it is important to use the correct mount combination in your car.

Tip: use a distributor wrench to access the nuts inside the frame when removing/installing engine mounts.



Chevy mounts & brackets are confusing, until you get into the early 70′s (1972).  The Chevy mount typically has a steel bracket on the frame and the insulating mount on the engine.  There were at least 2 styles of mounts used (“tall” & “short”).  There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to what or why some application used what – BUT THE BRACKET & MOUNT MUST MATCH EACH OTHER.

The “tall” mount has an inside width of 2 3/8″ and it’s 2.25″ tall.

The “short” mount has an inside width of 2 5/8 and is 1.5″ tall.

Camaro:  We offer stock equipment mounts to accomodate the various stock engine choices.

1967 – 69 Camaros use either a small block, or big block bracket combination.  The big block mount will have a taller drivers side mount – which will shift the engine to the right.  The mounts change in 1969.  A 6-cylinder car will need one of the V8 mount combinations to correctly install a V8.

  • 67 – 69 SBC Camaro – CD59LH & CD59RH, along with NG95.
  • 67 – 68 BBC Camaro –  FM322 & PM22 (“short” mount).
  • 69 BBC Camaro – FM323 & PM23 (“tall” mount).

1970 – 71 Camaro: We offer the original big block frame bracket.  Part # CBB70

This mount was also used on the high performance Z28 which used a 350 engine.  This combination uses the “tall” engine mount – part #  PM23.

In 1972 the engine mount design changes and  ALL V8′s sat on the SAME MOUNT/BRACKET COMBINATION.  Now the insulator is on the frame and the steel bracket is bolted to the engine.

You can install a big block into ANY 1972 – 81 Camaro on the original V8 engine mounts the car came with, since technically, they’re the “1972 396 engine mounts”.

The ONLY time you’d have to install CBB70 in a 2nd gen car is if the car is a 1970 or 71 car, or you are using headers with primary pipes greater than 2.0″ – which will be bent to snake around the old style tower bracket.   The only issue with this is you will need to locate and drill the appropriate holes for the mounts, since your subframe will not be looking for this style mount.

Nova – the 68 to 72 nova follows the same rules as a 1969 Camaro.

The 62 – 67 Chevy II requires a different setup.  We offer a complete V8 conversion kit part # 333.  The brackets themselves are part # FM34 with engine mount PM22.


We have stock mounts for the Chevelle, from 1964 to 1967, both small block, part # TW2533 and big block part # BG101.

From 1968 to 1972 – ALL V8′s EXCEPT THE 307 use the same mount combination.  If you’re swapping a 454 into an original 350 car – you already have the correct mounts (assuming the 350 isn’t sitting on top of 307 mounts). If the car was a 307 (identified by having a wide – 2 5/8″) frame bracket – you’ll need to change the frame brackets to fit the engine into the car properly.  The part # for these mounts is FM36.


– coming soon

Oldsmobile, Buick

Again, the Buick and the Oldsmobile both use different mounting methods.

We offer stock engine mounts to fit typical or popular engines into the Cutlass or Skylark – typically the larger engines available… 455′s and similar engines

Frame brackets for a 1968 to 1972 Cutlass with a 400/455 engine would be part # BG591

Frame brackets for a 1968 to 1972 Skylark with a 400/430/455 engine would be part # RP1

We also offer conversion brackets for the 1964 to 1967 Buick, to install a 400/430/455 in a car originally equipped with a 300/340 engine.

Mopar – conversion kits

Mopar uses a  K-frame to support the various engines installed in vehicles.  We offer conversion kits to allow different engines to be installed in existing K-frames.  For example, a slant-6 k-frame would need a conversion kit to allow a 440 engine to be installed into the car.


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