We offer pre-packaged disc brake conversion kits to convert a drum brake car to disc brakes.  Part #’s vary by application, please see our catalog for specific part #’s.

Standard Disc Brake Conversion kits:

These kits are complete, in that they contain everything necessary to sucessfully install disc brakes onto a car.  Kits are available in either Power or non-Power assist.  Several items to consider:

  • 15″ wheels are usually necessary as the 14″ wheel may not clear the caliper.
  • Car must have 10″ drum brakes (i.e. kits won’t fit 6-cylinder A-body cars with 9″ drum brakes)

Performance Oriented Disc Brake kits

For severe use or racing applications, we also offer upgraded brake packages.  These packages usually DON’T allow for power assist and typically require wheels larger than 15″ in diameter.


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