This section contains information related to stripes & decals we carry.


General Information

If at all possible, you’ll need to take notes, dimensions and photos of your (or someone else’s) car with the decal or stripes in question in the correct location.  If you order an air cleaner decal, that’s all you’ll get – is a replacement air cleaner decal.  It won’t have placement instructions.

To remove an adhesive emblem or decal – use part # 3M8908.  Spray this goop on the decal in question and peel it off the car.

Stripes that were originally painted on will not available as “decals” – they’ll need to be painted on.  To paint these stripes properly, you’ll need either a template (or stencil), the layout from the assembly manual or a depiction of how the stripes were laid out.

We carry templates to help lay out stripes on Camaros and Chevelles and some 442′s.

Mopar specific stripe kit information

The mopar performance hood treatment paint layout for B-Bodys is available as a subpage of the FAQ.

Many of the A-Body and E-Body mopar kits are available.  You need to carefully note WHERE THE ORIGINAL DECALS WERE PLACED.  Not all kits come with EXACT decal placement instructions.


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