The TechWeb was created and is supported by the Year One Tech department.  It covers the vehicles supported by Year One. We’ve tried to answer many of the commonly or routinely asked questions we or our sales department get asked on the phone.  Hopefully this information will allow you to answer your questions or solve your problems as they relate to your muscle car.

The TechWeb is broken into several sections:

Technical Diagrams – exploded diagrams of parts

FAQ – Frequently asked questions, in general

Vehicle Information & Decoding – General facts and decoding information related to your car.

Hover your pointer over the words Tech Talk in the header bar to see the breakdown of the technical information.

The TechWeb IS NOT 100% Complete nor is it all INCLUSIVE. The scope of information primarily pertains to the models and era of vehicles we support.  The site is continuously being updated and improved to better serve our customers.

About the Tech Department

The Tech Department exists to support customers, both internal and external to Year One. Tech support is provided by email only.




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