We sell a variety of carburetors from direct replacement units to performance oriented carbs.   We generally DON’T select or pick out carburetors for customers.  We can give you some general ideas of what may apply to your situation, but in the end, the selection rests with the owner of the vehicle.

In most cases, it makes sense to replace the old carb with a direct replacement rather than re-engineering the vehicle to accept an aftermarket carburetor.

Re-engineering may include; adapter plates, fuel line alterations, air cleaner modification or replacement, throttle linkage, transmission linkage, choke alterations….

For GM:

A word about the Quadrajet….   This carb is versatile and efficient.  It’ll directly fit a stock application.

We say this because tossing a Holley on top of a GM engine isn’t always a straight forward install, nor is it always a power increasing upgrade.  Adapter plates negatively effect power.

Pontiac – Trans Ams with hoodscoops assume a q-jet & stock manifold will be fitted on the car.  If you replace the carb, and the manifold, you’ll need to alter the shaker scoop to fit back on the vehicle.

For Mopar:

Considerations: Throttle arm adapters and fuel line alterations.  The Edelbrock carb has an opening that is larger than an early Carter AFB used on a stock mopar.  Stock mopar air cleaner bases patterned after the AFB need to be modified to set down correctly on a different carb.  The AVS & Thermoquad carbs have the same 5 1/8″ diameter as a Holley/Edelbrock.

Most fuel lines on a Mopar are 5/16″.  Most aftermarket carbs expect a 3/8″ supply line.

For Ford:

We carry select, direct replacement carbs for various Ford applications.  See our catalog for available carbs.

Carb Rebuild Service:

We offer a carburetor rebuild service.  This service is generally used when you absolutely must have the carburetor that was on your engine originally put back into service, or when a replacement carb is not available.


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