The majority of wiring we carry is direct factory replacement wiring.  It is built off the original factory blue-prints for the harness.  It should be an identical match of your original wiring.

The harnesses don’t come with instructions.

The assumption is the installer will either replace it exactly as the original fit, or has access to a wiring diagram.

Most vehicles wiring systems are modular in design with the significant portions being:

  • Engine harness
  • Forward Light Harness
  • Dash Harness
  • Rear Light Harness

Lastly, since many accessories are optional – these optional circuits will have their own harnesses if the vehicle was so equipped (i.e. Air conditioning, Floor Consoles, Power windows….).  These harnesses must be obtained in addition to the other harnesses.

This wiring is designed to work together as originally designed, so you must be careful when replacing wiring.  For example, if you have a 1973 Duster and you want to plug a 1971 big block engine harness into the car – there’s a high probability that the pinout on the bulkhead connector won’t match.  In a case like this, you SHOULD put a 1973 Duster engine harness in the car, and adapt it to the current engine.


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