Itemized below are the parts required to install a RS headlight system on a 1967 Camaro.  Purchase of a 1967 Camaro Assembly Manual is highly recommended.

1967 Rally Sport Camaro Parts
XRX6LHRH – fenders & extensions

RU1009 headlight support adapter brackets

(for using standard fenders)

K2000 Lower valence
Grill 915N
RU57LHRH Headlight assemblies(includes below)
FJ49LHRH – headlight housing
RU1711 headlight hinge pivot (2 required)
RU638 – headlight door hinge (2 required)
RU490 headlight hinge pivot bolt (2 required)
RU1710 – headlight cover backing plate
1307nlhrh – headlight covers
RU691 – headlight output arm (2 required)
RU692 – headlight shoulder nut and drive washer set
RC1702 – spring
RC8985 – adjustment screws and nuts RC8995 – headlight swivel mechanism bushing kit
W150LHRH – headlight bezels
RU1006 headlight door rubber bumpers
CQ205 headlight limit switch (4 required)
1238N – headlight motor relay


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