New Matte Black Snowflake Wheels

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Now available & shipping
This is our new 2nd version 17″ x 9″ cast aluminum Matte BLACK Snowflake wheel. Featuring smooth Matte BLACK finish. 5-1/8″ Backspacing or +3mm Offset. Wheel weighs 25 pounds with a load rating of 1900 pounds. Must be used with YEARONE lug nuts QJ39BBLKS.
5-1/8″ Backspacing or +3mm Offset.
17″ X 9″ version of the “Snowflake” wheel that came as part of the WS6 option package on 1978-1981 Trans Am models. Accepts original style center caps.

Wheel part# SFW179MBV2 or for the set of 4 select part# SFW179MBV2S

Make it a Black Out!

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