Seven automotive history books added

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Take a cruise through automobile history with these great books!

Check out these seven new titles added to the YEARONE Automotive History section and many more selections of automotive literature.

Strange 66 : Myth, Mystery, Mayhem, and Other Weirdness on Route 66
By: Michael Karl Witzel  Part# MB4179
The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas  By: Jim Hinckley Part# MB8770
Ghost Towns of Route 66   By: Jim Hinckley Part# MB9692
Pontiac GTO 50 Years By: Darwin Holmstrom Part# MB7119
Pontiac’s Great One     By: Darwin Holmstrom  Part# MB5943
Pontiac Trans Am : 50 Years  By: Tom Glatch  Part# MB7668
The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars By: Tom Glatch Part# MB0065

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