YEARONE has started a tradition of releasing new wheels based on classic designs from the muscle car era updated with modern materials and sizing. The success of the program has led to yet another famous wheel getting the YEARONE treatment.

The latest wheel to be updated is the venerable Mopar Rallye. Introduced in 1970, the wheel was an instant hit and became so popular it was a mainstay on Dodge and Plymouth performance cars for years. Of course, as cool as the original wheel was, YEARONE has improved it by casting it in aluminum (the originals were stamped steel) and offering it in a modern 17-inch diameter with both 8- and 9-inch widths available. Further, the YEARONE Rallye is offered in two different backspacings for proper fit on a number of different vehicles. The backspace on the 9-inch wheel is 5-inches, while the 8-inch version has a 4.5” backspace dimension.

Updating the material to aluminum saves unsprung weight while increasing the size allows the use of modern tires and adds room for bigger brakes used by today’s builders. The wheels feature a silver powdercoated center accented by a machined lip, and accept original center caps and lug nuts for an authentic yet modern look.

YEARONE wheels improve the performance and looks of your ride, all without breaking the bank. For more information on the all-new 17″ aluminum Rallye wheels, or indeed any of the new breed of wheels now available, visit or simply call 1-800-YEARONE.

17×8 each
17×8 sets
17×8 kits

17×9 each
17×9 sets
17×9 kits


2 Responses so far.

  1. Ed Hackett says:

    I have a 1970 AAR ‘Cuda I’m restoring,(have been since 1980). Don’t want to put mushie 60 series 15 inch wheels back on it, but can’t find a wheel-tire combo I like. Until now! Thanks for doing this for us advanced Mopar guys. (I won’t mess with the rest of the car, and my original ralleys will get put away to keep the purists at bay.) eddiemech

  2. chris says:

    I really like the new look of these wheels! is there any way we can see more photos of them on a car? I know there’s lots of interest in them but people want to see how they look on a car first.

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