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Few things are more spectacular than a ’73 Trans Am. And when an early TA’s muscular looks are combined with a seriously upgraded drivetrain and suspension, and painted bright red with a screaming chicken on the hood, well, let’s just say the owner of this car better get used to talking with law enforcement.

This car is actually owned by John Cunningham, a good friend of ours. He’s been working on it for awhile, and when it came time to install the drivetrain and suspension he dropped it off with us. And what a setup it is (if we do say so ourself.)

The engine is a GM Performance Parts LS7 stuffed full of forged pistons, an upgraded cam and valvetrain, topped by an Edelbrock supercharger. The transmission is a Tremec 6-speed enhanced by the specialists at ProMotion. The suspension system is all state-of-the-art Detroit Speed stuff, including a hydroformed front subframe and a QuadraLink four-link rear suspension. Magnaflow components were used to build the exhaust system. The bodywork, Buccaneer Red paint and interior work was done by John or other friends, and the all look stunning.

John debuted the Trans Am out on the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour, and somehow he managed to make through the initial trip without having any awkward conversations with the constabulary along the way. But that won’t last. All we can say is we’re glad he’s a lawyer – hope he’s a good one!


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  1. wayne bannister says:

    nice car ,it’s to bad he had to put that engine in it. Build pontiac with pontiac not just looks

  2. Shawn Smith says:

    Looks like one Sweet ride! Awsome!

  3. Ryan Currey says:

    I was just at the gas station in Parkersburg W.V. where you were at and your car looks awsome!!!! Sorry about your buddies fuel problem. The 69 Camero is sick looking as well. Good luck on the rest of your trip. Year One does great work!!!

  4. Ludlow says:

    Face it, Pontiac motors are old technology, this car is incredibly powerful, gets great gas mileage, and it’s much more reliable. His money, his car and honestly it’s better than it could have ever been with a Pontiac boat anchor under the hood.

  5. Larry Hyder says:

    Hats off to John for a great build job on a great car. I am working on a 1974 firebird restoration. I will stick with the pontiac engine and stock well size because i am “old school”. Thats the great thing about car guys – to each his own. I have built several cars over the years and every detail was as i wanted it based on MY ideas. Long live muscle cars, hot rods, and show car customs!

  6. Awesome! I have a 79 with then 403 olds motor! I wanted it! Great ride! To each his own!

  7. bruce says:

    i will have to agree with keeping it all pontiac, i mean they never say how much that LS motor cost, for less money you can call jim butler up and have an all pontiac beast built with more power than that puny little LS motor.

  8. Rodney Larson says:

    I agree with Bruce. They are building IA 2 blocks getting 24 mpg and fuel injection systems that rival any Chevy block. It is the basic Pontiac head design. Put a set of Kaufman aluminum heads on it or Edelbrock and fuel inject it. There isn’t any reason to commit blasphemy or treason. That car is worth far less money with a chevy in it.

  9. John Mannino says:

    Love the car. I have an LS9 in an 1980 T/A I wanted it I love it. Have other pontiacs with Pontiac engines The great thing about this Love for cars is you can do what ever You want with your hard earned money. To each his own!

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